Negotiations in the WTO TRIPS Council pursuant to Paragraph 6 of the Ministerial Declaration on the TRIPS Agreement and Public Health

By Frederick M. Abbott


World Bank Seminar (Patents and Affordable Medicines: The State of Play at the WTO)

Washington, DC

February 3, 2003

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Human Rights and Trade

Frederick M. Abbott
Panel Remarks at 96th Annual Meeting of American Society of International Law, 2002 ASIL Proceedings 121 (2002)


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The American Society of International Law Research Project on Human Rights and

International Trade (Project) is designed to identify and analyze the relationship between
the institutions and rules governing international human rights and those governing
international trade. The objective of the project is to offer recommendations for adjustments
that might constructively be made to existing arrangements to encourage the
promotion and protection of human rights within an effectively functioning international
trading system.


International Institutions and Economic Integration

Frederick M. Abbott

Remarks at 90th Annual Meeting of American Society of International Law, 1996 ASIL Proceedings 508 (1996)

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This panel examined the institutions that are part of the process of regional economic integration.