Frederick M. Abbott - WIPO UDRP Administrative Panelist Decisions - serving since 2000

Legal Rights Objection - Expert Determination (ICANN)

Legal Rights Objection - Expert Determination (ICANN)

UDRP Decisions

UDRP Decisions

D2021 Decisions 

Savoia NYC Incorporated v. Parris Mayhew, WIPO Case No. D2021-0225, Transfer denied and RDNH,

Royal Bank of Canada (Banque Royale du Canada) v. WhoisGuard Protected / RB CM, WIPO Case No. D2021-0621, Transfer,

Instagram, LLC v. Rochelle Burrell, WIPO Case No. D2021-1294, Transfer, and other instagram-formative

CoBank, ACB v. James Miller, WIPO Case No. D2021-1338, Transfer,


Compagnie Des Montres Longines Francillon S.A. v. Zhi Yong Wu, WIPO Case No. D2021-1676, Transfer,


Afropunk LLC v. Matthew Morgan, WIPO Case No. D2021-1793, Terminated without prejudice,

Indiana Michigan Power Company v. Host Master, Transure Enterprise Ltd, WIPO Case No. D2021-1869, Transfer,

Carrefour SA v. Georgy Simonov, WIPO Case No. D2021-2490, Transfer,


Carrefour SA. v. Withheld for Privacy Purposes, Privacy Service Provided by Withheld for Privacy ehf / Renato Siqueira, WIPO Case No. D2021-2911, Transfer,,, and 

Sanofi v. Cooper Wilson, WIPO Case No. D2021-3348, Transfer,

CPCWA Co, LLLP v. Privacy Service Provided by Withheld for Privacy ehf / James Slavin, WIPO Case No. D2021-4044, Transfer,

Dr. Sherry, LLC v. Andrew Lane, Coast Science, WIPO Case No. D2021-4395, Transfer,


UDRP Decisions

UDRP Decisions

D2020 Decisions

Nuveen Investments, Inc. v. WhoisGuard Protected, WhoisGuard, Inc. / Name Redacted, WIPO Case No. D2020-0091, Transfer,

Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP v. Jamie Feinmesser, WIPO Case No. D2020-0585, Transfer,

Allen & Overy LLP v. WhoisGuard Protected, WhoisGuard, Inc. / Mary Clark, Outpost Inc, WIPO Case No. D2020-1029, Transfer,

GW Pharma Limited v. Paul Gluchanicz, WIPO Case No. D2020-1246, Transfer, member 3-person panel,,,,,,,,,

Carvana, LLC v. Registration Private, Domains By Proxy, LLC / Sam Jones, WIPO Case No. D2020-2303, Transfer,,

Atos SE v. Nadeem Jatu, WIPO Case No. D2020-2440, Transfer,


WILO USA LLC v. Domains By Proxy, LLC / Mary Lee Rippy, Applied Products, Inc, WIPO Case No. D2020-2625, Transfer,

Skyscanner Limited v. Domain Administrator, WIPO Case No. D2020-2939, Transfer,

Facebook, Inc. and Instagram, LLC v. Karunakar kotha, WIPO Case No. D2020-3236, Transfer,

Sodexo v. Registration Private, Domains By Proxy, LLC / Carolina Rodrigues, Fundacion Comercio Electronico, WIPO Case No. D2020-3426, Transfer, sodexo 


RESTAR Real Estate GmbH v. Kyoung S Park, WIPO Case No. D2020-3543, Transfer, and

.io Policy Decisions

Pure Proactive Health, Inc. d/b/a Betr Health v. Kevin Appelbaum, WIPO Case No. DIO2020-0005, Denied, member 3-person panel,

Plex, Inc. v. Fran Branner, WIPO Case No. DIO2020-0009, Transfer,

UDRP Decisions

UDRP Decisions

D2019 Decisions

Krones AG v. Daniel Reagan, Technical Packaging Service, Inc., WIPO Case No. D2019-0090, Transfer (Wolter Wefers Bettink presiding, Abbott dissenting opinion),,,

L-Nutra, Inc. v. Private Registration / Clay Womack, WIPO Case No.  D2019-0275, Denied, Frederick M. Abbott presiding,

L-Nutra, Inc. v. Douglas Kantner, WIPO Case No. D2019-0597, Denied, member 3-person panel,

Amica Mutual Insurance Company v. Contact Privacy Inc. Customer 1244209250 / Mark Parsons, WIPO Case No. D2019-1418, Transfer,

Helm Bank USA v. Domain Administrator, See / Techie Enterprise, WIPO Case No. D2019-1723, Denied, member 3-person panel,

Seminole Tribe of Florida v. propertyusa, ltd, WIPO Case No. D2019-1797, Denied, member 3-person panel,,, and, inc. v. Harley Ross, WIPO Case No. D2019-2649, Transfer,

D2018 Decisions

D2017 Decisions

Melanie Martinez v. Michael Casasnovas, WIPO Case No. D2017-0905, Transfer,,

Tectum Holdings, Inc., Auto Customs, LLC v. Jacob Elkins, Just JK LLC, WIPO Case No. D2017-1057, Transfer,,

Cat Roberts, LLC v. Barkerwear LLC, WIPO Case No. D2017-1662, Transfer,,

Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Ziraat Bankasi Anonim Sirketi v. Rahul Jain, Jaano LLC, WIPO Case No. D2017-1890, Denied (Warwick Rothnie presiding),

D2016 Decisions

Tommy Bahama Group, Inc. v. Paige Sanders, Fabrics Online LLC, WIPO Case No. D2016-1858, Transfer,;

Lekhraj Corp Pvt. Ltd. v. Surekha Valbh,  WIPO Case No. D2016-2576, Denied, (Tony Willoughby presiding),

D2015 Decisions

TASER International, Inc. v. Angel L. Munoz Gomez, WIPO Case No. D2015-0209, Transfer,

Philip Morris USA Inc. v. Gideon Black, WIPO Case No. D2015-0333, Denied,

Avid Dating Life Inc. v. Domain Admin, WhoisPrivacy Corp.Case No. D2015-0448, Transfer,

Red Bull GmbH v. Prateek Agrawal, EsoftWorld / Redbull Financial, Redbull Financial Services / Your's Red Bull Global Research Private Limited, Red Bull Global, WIPO Case No. D2015-0452, Cancellation,,,,

Masco Corporation v. Giovanni Laporta, WIPO Case No. D2015-0468, Transfer,

D2014 Decisions

The American Automobile Association, Inc. v. Domains by Proxy, LLC a/k/a Tamir Zaid, aaa locksmith services, WIPO Case No. D2014-0122, Denied,

Tata Sons Ltd. v. Gina Kilindo, Tata Agro Holding Ltd., WIPO Case No. D2014-0152, Transfer,,, and 

The American Automobile Association, Inc. v. Wesley Cao, aaainsurancefreequote, WIPO Case No. D2014-0169, Transfer,

Unifrutti Traders Limitada v. Erhan Dogan, WIPO Case No. D2014-0177, Denied,

Unifrutti Traders Limitada v. Arturo Aravena, WIPO Case No. D2014-0178, Denied,

Gen-Probe Incorporated v. Tigris Medical Company/ Dr. Loay H. Al-Fahad/ Ahmad Alazawi, Alsadeer, WIPO Case No. D2014-0236, Transfer,

Unifrutti Traders Limitada v. Mariana Olivia Albornoz Arancibia, WIPO Case No. D2014-0315, Denied,

4chan, LLC v. Oversee Domain Management, LLC, Case No. D2014-0484, Denied,

Hultafors Group AB v. my domain limited, WIPO Case No. D2014-0597, Transfer,

Total Temperature Instrumentation, Inc. DBA “Instrumart” v. Domains By Proxy, LLC / Name Redacted, WIPO Case No. D2014-0648, Transfer,

Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Français SNCF v.  DomainProfi GmbH, WIPO Case No. D2014-0781, Transfer,

Puravankara Projects Limited v. Shiva Malhotra, WIPO Case No. D2014-0954, Transfer (dissenting opinion),

Gresvig AS v. Hu Yanlin, WIPO Case No. D2014-1191, Denied,

Warehouse Goods, Inc. v. Binary Jungle, Sandy Bagri, WIPO Case No. D2014-1238, Transfer,

Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, JAPAN v. Shahid Maqbool, MANGO B2B, WIPO Case No. D2014-1370, Denied,

Manheim, Inc. v. Domains By Proxy, LLC / Jovon Ponce, WIPO Case No. D2014-1846, Transfer,


D2013 Decisions

NBA Properties, Inc. v. Huang Li Technology Corp. c/o Dynadot Privacy, WIPO Case No. D2013-0011, Transfer,

Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. v. Chris Rivers, WIPO Case No. D2013-0014, Transfer,

Imagine Solutions, Inc. v., Privacy Services / Ravindra Kumar Lahoti, WIPO  Case No. D2013-0268, Transfer,

The Honorable Ron Paul v. Whois Privacy Services Pty Ltd / JNR Corp, WIPO Case No. D2013-0278, Denied,

Nintendo of America Inc. v. Domain Privacy Group / Domain Admin, WIPO Case No. D2013-0322, Denied, Bradley Slutsky presiding,

The Honorable Ron Paul v. DN Capital Inc., Martha Roberts, WIPO Case No. D2013-0371, Denied, Christopher Gibson presiding,

Petrogas Group Ltd v. Kim Sooyong - (Arisu Tech), WIPO Case No. D2013-0749, Denied,

North Atlantic Operating Company, Inc. and National Tobacco Company, L.P. v. The Safe Cig, WIPO Case No. D2013-0841, Transfer, and

Saltworks, Inc. v. Gary Pedersen, Salt Works,WIPO Case No. D2013-0984, Denied,

Onmobile USA LLC v. Domain Management, Syed Hussain, WIPO Case No. D2013-1038, Transfer,

Gamesys Limited v. Autodata GMBH, WIPO Case No. D2013-1179, Denied,

“Dr. Martens” International Trading GmbH and “Dr. Maertens” Marketing GmbH v. Kang Jiu, WIPO Case No. D2013-1242, Transfer,

Standard & Poor’s Financial Services LLC v. Christian Mendes, WIPO Case No. D2013-1546, Denied, digital entertainment plc, Peerless Media Limited v. Raffi Nahabedian, WIPO Case No. D2013-1576, Transfer,, and

Realty Mark, LLC v. Scott Rosenbaum (a/k/a “Scott Rose” and “Scott Rosen”) /, WIPO Case No. D2013-1694, Denied,

Sophia Locke LLC v. Jerry Storch, SnakeNet, WIPO Case No. D2013-1832, Denied,

American Honda Motor Co., Inc. v. Javier Barro, WIPO Case No. D2013-2097, Transfer,

Accenture Global Services Limited v. Domains By Proxy, LLC / Name Redacted, WIPO Case No. D2013-2099, Transfer, Inc., Amazon Technologies, Inc. and Amazon Europe Holding Technologies SCS v. “U S /, Inc.”, WIPO Case No. D2013-2161, Transfer,


D2012 Decisions

D2012-1668 Tarheel Take-Out, LLC v. Versimedia, Inc., Denied, Michael A. Albert Presiding,

D2012-1615 The California Milk Processor Board v. Domains By Proxy, LLC, and Gina Jacob, Transfer, Lynda J. Zadra-Symes Presiding,

D2012-1609 Diet Center Worldwide, Inc. v. Jason Akatiff, Transfer,

D2012-1462 Buffalo Wings & Rings v. Paydues Inc., Transfer,

D2012-1084 323.TV LLC v. Oneandone, Private Registration, Joshua Schade, Transfer,,

D2012-0956 Rock im Park GmbH v. Rock Im Park Festival Wien / Klaus Schmidt, Transfer,

D2012-0915 Compagnie Générale des Etablissements Michelin (Michelin) v. , Ma Ying Jo, Cancellation,

D2012-0424 F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG, Terminated, Warwick Smith Presiding,,

D2012-0891 Neste Oil Oyj v. Föreningen Greenpeace-Norden, Denied, Gabriela Kennedy presiding,,

D2012-0635 Compagnie Générale des Etablissements Michelin (Michelin), Michelin Recherche et Technique SA v. Santiago Holdings Ltd,, Transfer,,

D2012-0480 Alternative Care Systems, Inc. d/b/a Access Nursing Services v. Domains By Proxy, LLC, Aya Healthcare, Inc., Transfer, 

D2012-0280 Festfare, Inc., AYS Organization, Inc., Number Vanity Inc., Edu-Trek, Inc., Terminated, 

D2012-0261 Deutsche Börse AG v. EurexTrade, Transfer,

D2012-0113 Dorma GmbH+Co.KG v. Steven Polgar and Linox Technology Pty Ltd, Transfer,

D2012-0063 v. Bob Blackard, Denied,

D2012-0034 Everlast Roofing, Inc., v. Rips&Hits and Brendon Nath, Transfer,

D2011 Decisions

D2011-1798 Public Service Electric & Gas Company and its affiliates and subsidiaries, Terminated,

D2011-1531 Jobs on the Net Limited, Andrew Middleton v. International New Media Limited, Denied, Matthew S. Harris presiding,

D2011-1322 Barclays Bank PLC v. Ho Lo,Transfer,

D2011-1315 Methodics LLC v. Domains by Proxy, Inc. / Shiv Sikand, Transfer,

D2011-1265 Petroleo Brasileiro S.A - Petrobras v.,Transfer,

D2011-0914 The California Milk Processor Board v. Asa Development,Transfer,

D2011-0912 Nintendo of America Inc. v. Administrator Lunarpages, Alan Smith, Neoconsoles Inc., Liu Hai, Linda Wong, and Wong, Transfer, Jeffrey D. Steinhardt presiding, 3dsdownloadc,

D2011-0786 Development Credit Bank Limited v. Direct Privacy ID ED191, Transfer,

D2011-0715 Eli Lilly and Company v. URDMC LLC, Transfer,

D2011-0704 Comerica Incorporated v. CFR INTL, Transfer,

D2011-0627 Holy Mother World Networks v. Gregg Ostrick, Denied, Alistair Payne presiding

D2011-0601 Reveille LLC v. Theodore Lazier / Registrant c/o / Whois Privacy Service, Transfer,

D2011-0343 The Moody Blues c/o PAID, Inc. v. Credit Card Marketing Center, Denied,

D2011-0256 Älvsbyhus AB v. Esa Nappa, Transfer, Brigitte Joppich presiding,

D2011-0236 Inc. v. Richard Salazar, Transferred,

2010 Decisions

D2010-2174 The Hospital for Sick Children v. Jet Stream Enterprises Limited / Private Whois For cbelprip1702, Transfer,

D2010-2069 Xbridge Limited v. Marchex Sales, Inc., Denied, John Swinson presiding,

D2010-2050 Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León v. Cyber Domain Services Pvt.Ltd, Transfer,

D2010-1963 Editorial Armonia, S.A, de C.V. v. Cagri Sadik Bayram, Transfer,

D2010-1629 Avantages v. PT. IndoInternet Denied,

D2010-1551 Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine v. Saurabh Chaturvedi, Bhavanagraphicad, Transfer,

D2010-1404 Donald J. Trump v. Mediaking LLC d/b/a Mediaking Corporation and Aaftek Domain Corp., Transfer,

D2010-1356 Älvsbyhus AB v. Atle Olausen, Transfer, Adam Taylor,

D2010-1185 Easy Gardener Products, Inc. v. Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc. / Demand Domains, Inc., Transfer,

D2010-1181 Inc. v. 1-800 Communications, Inc., Transfer,

D2010-1102 Fashion Box S.p.A. v. Antonia Deinert, Transfer,

D2010-0925 VIVO S.A. and PORTELCOM PARTICIPAÇÕES S.A. v. Domains By Proxy - NA Proxy Account Niche Domain Proxy Manager, Transfer,

D2010-0817 Sensis Pty Ltd., Telstra Corporation Limited v. Yellow Page, Yellow Page Marketing B.V., Denied,

D2010-0689 Maurice Sporting Goods, Inc. v. American Sportcase, LLC, Denied,

D2010-0497 Nintendo of America Inc. v. SA, Sabbagh, Yeudi, Transfer, Andrew Brown presiding,

D2010-0280 Dr. Mehmet Kahveci, HyperLink International LTD. v. Joseph Cabier, Transfer,

D2010-0246 Intelligen LLC v. Converg Media LLC, Transfer,

D2010-0245 Canon U.S.A., Inc. v., Transfer,

D2010-0200 Mariposa Ltd. v. Stonecutter, Don Sawtelle, Transfer,

2009 Decisions

D2009-1788 Banco Bradesco S.A. v. FAST-12785241 Attn. / Name RedactedTransfer,

D2009-1784 Banco Bradesco S.A., Alvorada Cartões, Crédito Financiamento e Investimento v. Comar Ltd., Domain Administrator / Whois Privacy Protection ,Transfer, 

D2009-1711 LEGO Juris A/S v. Lothar EversTransfer, 

D2009-1690 IM Global LLC v. Intermedia Film Equities, Sterling DavisDenied,

D2009-1687 Bachoco, S.A. de C.V. v. Network and IT Management Ltd.Transfer,

D2009-1426 Schweizerische Bundesbahnen SBB v. Gerrie Villon, Denied,

D2009-1421 Fondazione Arena di Verona v. Rainer Klose (RCK Productions Medien GmbH)Denied, Frederick M. Abbott presiding,

D2009-1272 Magneti Marelli Powertrain U.S.A. LLC v. Top-End PerformanceTransfer,

D2009-1182 Mercury Radio Arts, Inc. and Glenn Beck v. Isaac Eiland-HallDenied,

D2009-1033 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. v. Idea Studios LLC dba EnventDenied, 

D2009-0976 Su Kutusu İçme Suyu Teknolojileri Pazarlama Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. v. Nyunhwa JungTransfer, 

D2009-0957 National Association of Competitive Soccer Clubs v. Bruce BinlerDenied, 

D2009-0755 Tabu Entertainment Group, LLC v. Domains by Proxy Inc./Craig FriebolinDenied,

D2009-0711 Guia de Motéis Comunicação Ltda., formerly known as Studio Comunicação S/C Ltda. v. Belize Domain WHOIS ServiceDenied,

D2009-0693 Sutherland Institute v. Continuative LLCDenied,

D2009-0534 La Mafafa, Inc. dba Cultura Profética v. Domains Real EstateTransfer, 

D2009-0435 Dicota GmbH v. Linus TanTransfer, 

D2009-0315 Ni Insan Kaynaklari Personel ve Danismanlik Limited Sti v. Timothy Michael BrightDenied, 

D2009-0273 Intel Corporation v. The Pentium GroupTransfer, Clive Trotman presiding 

D2009-0272 Intel Corporation v. Z, V, PENTIUM FUND, Vincente ZARAGOZATransfer, Willaim R. Towns, 

D2009-0239 Reckitt Benckiser Plc v. Eunsook WiDenied, 

D2009-0177 AMPO, S. COOP v., Taeho Kim, PhilippineTransfer, 

D2009-0162 Luxair SA v. Puma Industrial Co., LtdDenied,

2008 Decisions

D2008-1878 Intagent LLC v. Dominor LLC,Transfer,

D2008-1812 Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc. v. Franck Dossa,Transfer, 

D2008-1776 Yost Properties LLC v. Viralt-shirts.comDenied,

D2008-1716 Confederation Nationale du Credit Mutuel v. Tribhuwan, Tribhuwan Nailwal, Luxor Writing Instruments pvt. Ltd.,Transfer,

D2008-1568 Yale University v. Michael Hodge, Interwebgroup, LLCTransfer,

D2008-1559 Vontobel Holding Ltd. v. Vontobell LLCTransfer,

D2008-1522 Alfwear Inc. v. Registrant [1370348]: Privacy Admin / Registrant [709764]: Gregory, RicksTransfer, 

D2008-1379 Chemical Works of Gedeon Richter Plc v. Covex Farma S.L.Transfer, cancellation in part,

D2008-1333 Super-Krete International, Inc. v. Concrete Solutions, Inc.Denied,

D2008-1206 Hogrefe AG v. Ney LimongeDenied,

D2008-1186 TechnoMarine and TechnoMarine SA v. PrivateTransfer,

D2008-1010 Thomas Pick aka Pick Inc. v. EUROPREMIUM LTD, Elaine Maria Gross, Denied, Tony Willoughby,

D2008-0913 National Osteoporosis Foundation v. Texas International Property Associates - NA NATransfer, Frederick M. Abbott presiding,

D2008-0835 IFA Hotels & Resorts KSCC v. Buthaina SharifDenied, balq

D2008-0820 Titoni AG v. Runxin WangTransfer, 

D2008-0744 Lotus Group Ltd v. Moniker Privacy Services/Total Net SolutionsTransfer,

D2008-0718 Laughton Marketing LLC v. Boris SoposkiDenied,

D2008-0300 Align Technology, Inc. v. Doug WrightTransfer, invisalignrockvi 

D2008-0263 Darkside Productions Inc. v. Whois Guard ProtectedTransfer,

D2008-0078 Darkside Productions, Inc.; Group Kaitu, LLC v. Eros Adult EscortsTransfer,

2007 Decisions

D2007-1881 Alfa Laval AB and Alfa Laval Corporate AB v. Alfalava.comTransfer,

D2007-1866 General Electric Company v. Prabish Thomas/Green Energy LLCTransfer, Frederick M. Abbott

D2007-1601 Autoridad Portuaria de Santander v. Domain Drop, S.A.,Transfer, 

D2007-1368 Shaw Industries Group, Inc., and Columbia Insurance Company v. Parth ShahTransfer, Frederick M. Abbott presiding, 

D2007-1357 Friends Reunited Limited v. Michele Dinoia aka,Transfer,

D2007-1289, Inc. v. Chad LovellTransfer,

D2007-1283 Merry Maids, Inc., ServiceMaster Brands, L.L.C v. Mary’s Maid to OrderDenied,

D2007-1242 Masisa S.A. v. V eight marketing, Emilio LanzagortaTransfer, 

D2007-1139 MasterCard International Incorporated v. Paul BarbellDenied, 

D2007-1116 S.P. Cramer & Associates, Inc. d/b/a Cramer Fish Sciences v. Doug Demko / DomainsByProxy.comDenied, 

D2007-1037 Operation Homefront v. Illinois Office of Lt. Governor, Denied,

D2007-0875 Foundation Source Philanthropic Services, Inc. v. Arlene B Gibson/Foundations That Make a Difference/Domain DiscreetDenied, 

D2007-0838 Actelion Pharmaceuticals, Ltd v. Hackard & HoltTransfer, Sir Ian Barker presiding, 

D2007-0624 Ivax Research, Inc. v. Johnny CarpelaTransfer, Frederick M. Abbott presiding, 

D2007-0594 Tail of the Dragon, LLC v. Ronald BuckDenied, 

D2007-0537 Fifth Third Bancorp v. Texas International Property AssociatesTransfer,

D2007-0487 VeriSign Inc. v. MerchantBankCardTransfer,

D2007-0471 Symbility Solutions, Inc. v. Darren Ritchie /

D2007-0396 Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA v. Powers Motor SportsTransfer, 

D2007-0123 Fairview Commercial Lending, Inc. v. Aleksandra PesaljTransfer, Dennis A. Foster

2006 Decisions

D2006-1510 Fields for Senate v. Toddles Inc.Denied, Mark Partridge

D2006-1394 PRL USA Holdings, Inc. v. Northbay Real Estate, Inc. and John

D2006-1263 Takaso Rubber Products Sdn Bhd v. Selim Tasci and Tasci Dis Tic. Ltd. STITransfer, Denied in part, 

D2006-1119 Leisure Village Association, Inc. v. McKay BarlowDenied, Barbara A. Solomon presiding

D2006-0730 Lexicon Marketing Operating Luxembourg, S.A.R.L v. Facundo de GiorgioDenied,

D2006-0719 Dr. Mitchell Mandel and Ms. Jill Slater v. CSC Laboratories, IncDenied, Jeffrey M. Samuels presidings,

D2006-0596 Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd v. Mike TylerDenied,

D2006-0560 Tom Cruise v. Network Operations Center / Alberta Hot RodsTransfer, Frederick M. Abbott, 

D2006-0388 Save the Children Federation, Inc. v. Steve Kerry dba North West Enterprise, Inc.Transfer,

D2006-0158 Lancaster Steel Service, Inc. v. FTRA/ Yellen, Transfer, Scott W. Blackmer

2005 Decisions

D2005-1329 Pfizer Inc. v. Pretzel Publishing, Transfer, Lawrence K. Nodine presiding,

D2005-1156 Other Half Entertainment v. Jason Fiore aka One Stor, Denied, 

D2005-1152 Medjet Assistance, L.L.C. v. Air AmbulanceCard LLCDenied,

D2005-0684 Minka Lighting, Inc. v. Jon HallDenied, Dennis A. Foster presiding, 

D2005-0508 Microsoft Corporation v. Source One Management Services, Inc.Transfer, 

D2005-0493 Verint Systems Inc. v. CRYSTALSTEVENSDenied,

D2005-0410 Southwest Airlines Co. v. Cattitude a/k/a LJ GehmanDenied,

D2005-0303 International Capital & Management Company, LLP, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Inc. v. Key of Destiny, Inc.Transfer,

D2005-0165 Succession Saint Exupéry - D’Agay v. The Holding CompanyTransfer, Daniel J. Gervais presiding,

2003 Decisions

D2003-1007 The Shelburne Company d/b/a Zoysia Farm Nurseries v. Smith Turf FarmsTransfer,

D2003-0860 Pneumo Abex Corporation dba MAFCO Worldwide Corporation v. Wixon FontaromeDenied,

D2003-0790 Echelon Corporation v. RN WebReg, a.k.a. Rarenames, LLCTransfer, Frederick M. Abbott,

D2003-0703 Wine of the Month Club, Inc. v. Kris CalefDenied, Mark Partridge presiding,

D2003-0690 The Coryn Group, Inc., Apple Vacations West, Inc. v. John A. Meara aka Pat CavanaughTransfer,

D2003-0634 AT&T Corp. v. Azim HemaniTransfer,

D2003-0633 AT&T Corp. v. Darren SwainTransfer,

D2003-0525 Excmo. Cabildo Insular de Tenerife and Promocion Exterior de Tenerife, S.A. v. Jupiter Web Services LimitedDenied,

D2003-0502 Full Sail, Inc. v. Ryan SpevackDenied, Mark Partridge,

D2003-0399 Pfizer Inc v. Van RobichauxDenied,

D2003-0341 Six Contents Hotels, Inc. v. eGO,,Transfer,

D2003-0267 Corp. v. John ZuccariniDenied, Frederick M. Abbott presiding,

D2003-0214 Six Continents Hotels, Inc. v. Georgetown Inc., Transfer,

D2003-0151 Maupintour, LLC v. Gutsy WomenDenied,

D2003-0033 1099 Pro, Inc. v. Convey Compliance Systems, Inc.Transfer, David H. Bernstein,

D2003-0017 Advanced Comfort Inc. v. Abedstore.comDenied,

D2003-0016 Advanced Comfort Inc. v. iNET image, Inc.Denied,

2002 Decisions

D2002-1073 Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc. and Gloria Feldt v. Chris HoffmanDenied, Scott Donahey presiding,

D2002-0942 The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc. v. Nasdaq Kid.comTransfer,

D2002-0896 Verint Systems Inc. v. CRYSTALSTEVENSTransfer,

D2002-0869 Philip Morris Incorporated v. Eddy FitchTransfer,

D2002-0802 HBP, Inc. v. Front and Center Tickets, Inc.Transfer, Frederick M. Abbott 

D2002-0793 Pfizer, Inc. v. Martin MarketingTransfer,

D2002-0774 Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation v. Bay Verte Machinery, Inc. d/b/a The Power Tool StoreDenied,

D2002-0530 Park Place Entertainment Corporation v. Ltd.Transfer, Frederick M. Abbott presiding,

D2002-0265 The Rival Company v. DVO EnterprisesTransfer, Mark Partridge presiding,

D2002-0145 LandAmerica Financial Group, Inc. v. Joseph VirziDenied,

D2002-0089 Hola S.A. and Hello Limited v. Idealab, Denied, Sir Ian Barker,

D2002-0088 M.T.C. Inc. v. Net L@tino, Inc.Denied,

D2002-0086 Jeffrey S. Thompson d/b/a The Wedding Planner v., Inc.Denied, Roderick Thompson presiding,

D2002-0040 The Coca-Cola Company v. Jeanne Rae’s CollectiblesTransfer, David E. Sorkin presiding,

D2002-0029 Microsoft Corporation v. Paul HornerTransfer,

D2002-0027 186K.Net, Co v. Christopher RinaldiDenied, Sir Ian Barker, 

D2002-0010 Intel Corporation v. Ox90Transfer, Frederick M. Abbott,

2001 Decisions

D2001-1503 AT&T Corp. v. John Zuccarini d/b/a RaveClub Berlin,Transfer,

D2001-1475 Caleel+Hayden L.L.C. v. Jaye PharmacyDenied, Frederick M. Abbott presiding,

D2001-1381 Preston Gates & Ellis, LLP v. and Brian WickTransfer,

D2001-1352 Preferred Seating, Inc. v. Frank Still Audio & Web DesignDenied, Frederick M. Abbott presiding, 

D2001-1327 Marvin Lundy and Law Offices of Marvin Lundy, LLP v. Scott E. Idmaond, Denied, 

D2001-1315 DuWop, LLC v. Jayson OnlineDenied, 

D2001-1260 NIHC, Inc. and Nordstrom, Inc. v. John ZuccariniTransfer, 

D2001-1208 Scholastic Inc. v. Master Games International, Inc.Denied, David M. Kelly presiding, 

D2001-1184 America Online, Inc. v. Chris HoffmanTransfer,

D2001-1060 AT&T Corp. v. CME IncTransfer, 

D2001-1012 Scholastic Inc. v. Travis ConceptsTransfer, David E. Wagoner presiding, 

D2001-1011 Scholastic Inc., v. Sai Tong HoTransfer, Desmond J. Ryan presiding, 

D2001-0946 Scholastic Inc. v. and Ramit SethiDenied, Jeffrey M. Samuels presiding, 

D2001-0919 Dr. Ing. h.c.F. Porsche AG v. Gary Charles Brown, a k a Gary Brown, a k a Charlie Brown, a k a Gary Charlie BrownTransfer, 

D2001-0899 Americares Foundation, Inc. v. Americares and Mike RoperTransfer, 

D2001-0871 Domain Name Systems, Inc. v. TBS IndustriesDenied, Frederick M. Abbott presiding, 

D2001-0835 America Online, Inc. v. Steven S. LalwaniTransfer, 

D2001-0824 Avanade Inc. v. Robert TanseyTransfer, 

D2001-0772 Budget Rent A Car Corporation v. Budget-Rent-A-Phone and Robert FarkasTransfer, 

D2001-0770 Endeavors Technology, Inc. v. Dick In JarTransfer, 

D2001-0723 Volvo Trademark Holding AB v. volvoaero.comTransfer,

D2001-0699 Aames Capital Corporation v. WavzbakTransfer, Dennis A. Foster presiding, 

D2001-0683 The Church in Houston v. Jim Moran, Light of Truth MinistriesDenied, David Bernstein, 

D2001-0663 Benchmark Staffing, Inc. v. Benchmark Jobs, LLCTransfer, 

D2001-0602 SBC Communications Inc. v. Fred Bell aka Bell Internet,Transfer, 

D2001-0589 E.D. Publications, Inc. v. DecorumTransfer, 

D2001-0564 America Online, Inc. v. Thomas P. Culver EnterprisesTransfer,

D2001-0528 Desert Schools Federal Credit Union v. Symlink Communications, llc, Transfer, 

D2001-0410 General Electric Company v. Japan, Inc.Transfer, David E. Wagoner presiding, 

D2001-0405 Bar Code Discount Warehouse, Inc. v. Barcodes, Inc., dba Barcode Discount and Dan ReynoldsDenied, Frederick M. Abbott presiding, 

D2001-0241 Playboy Enterprises International, Inc. v. Good Samaritan ProgramTransfer, 

D2001-0104 Dunkin’ Donuts Incorporated and Dunkin’ Donuts USA, Inc. v. RandomThinkers and Patrick HubaTransfer, 

D2001-0094 Playboy Enterprises International Inc. v. SAND WebNames - For SaleTransfer, Sir Ian Barker presiding, 

D2001-0063 Express Messenger Systems, Inc. v. Golden State OvernightTransfer,

2000 Decisions

D2000-1834 Sport Chalet, Inc. v. Ski Chalet, Inc.Transfers,

D2000-1806 The Coca-Cola Company v. Garry Skaggs Company and Garry SkaggsTransfer,

D2000-1766 America Online, Inc. v. Ultima GoldTransfer,

D2000-1748 Sidamsa- Continente Hipermercados, S.A. v. Rose Communications, S.L.Denied, Pedro W. Buchanan presiding,

D2000-1733 Lockheed Martin Corporation v. Ning YeTransfer, Frederick M. Abbott presidin,

D2000-1629 Scholastic Inc. v. Applied Software Solutions, Inc.Transfer, M. Scott Donahey presiding,

D2000-1627 Scholastic Inc. v. 366 PublicationsTransfer, Mark Partridge presiding,

D2000-1625 Franchise Recruiters, Ltd. v. Franstaff, Inc.Transfer,

D2000-1619 Backstreet Boys Productions, Inc. v. John Zuccarini, Cupcakeparty, Cupcake Real Video, Cupcake-Show, and Cupcakes-First PatrolDenied, Scott Donahey presiding,

D2000-1581 BellSouth Intellectual Property Corporation v. Craig WaltzerTransfer,

D2000-1503 Bergen’s Greenhouse, Inc. v. Jennifer D2000-1495 America Online, Inc. v. John Zuccarini, also known as Cupcake Message, Cupcake Messenger, The Cupcake Secret, Cupcake Patrol, Cupcake CityTransfer, Denied, in

D2000-1476 InfoSpace, Inc. v. Michael LemieuxDenied,

D2000-1474 InfoSpace, Inc. v. Double Down MagazineTransfer,

D2000-1472 TPI Holdings, Inc. v. AFX Communications a/k/a AFXTransfer, 

D2000-1446 VeriSign, Inc. v. OnlinemallsTransfer,

D2000-1444 EBAY, Inc. v. LivingSprings2000, a business entity form unknown and Martin Lewis, an individual, d/b/a LivingSprings2000Transfer, David E. Wagoner presiding,

D2000-1435 Realmark Cape Harbour L.L.C. v. Lawrence S. LewisDenied,

D2000-1392 Alloy Rods Global, Inc. v. Nancy WilliamsTransfer, Frederick M. Abbott presiding,

D2000-1269 DreamWorks L.L.C. v. GranticsTransfer,

D2000-1264 PG&E Corporation v. Samuel Anderson and PGE in the year 2000Transfer, pgecorp

D2000-1217 Skipton Building Society -v- Peter ColmanTransfer, Gordon Harris Presiding,

D2000-1210 International Raelian Religion and Raelian Religion of France v. Inc.Denied, David M. Bernstein presiding,

D2000-1199 United Feature Syndicate, Inc. v. All Business Matters, Inc. (aka All Business and Dave EvansTransfer,

D2000-1052 USA Video Interactive Corporation v. B.G. EnterprisesDenied, Mark Partridge presiding,

D2000-1046 Chromalloy Men’s Apparel Group, Inc. v. Burch & Hatfield Formal Shops, Inc.Denied,

D2000-1031 American Mensa, Ltd. v. Access NOW!Transfer, Edward C. Chiasson Q.C. presiding,

D2000-1016 Playboy Enterprises International, Inc. v. Hector RodriguezTransfer, David E. Wagoner presiding,

D2000-1001 Physik Instrumente GmbH. & Co. v. Stefan Kerner and Jeremy Kerner and Magic Moments Design LimitedDenied,

D2000-1000 Helen Fielding v. Anthony Corbert aka Anthony CorbettTransfer,

D2000-0940 National Collegiate Athletic Association v. Rodd Garner and IntheZone.wsTransfer,

D2000-0902 CBS Radio Inc. v. Ron BunceTransfer,

D2000-0886 AltaVista Company v. Stoneybrook aka Stonybrook InvestmentsTransfer,

D2000-0871 ZD, Inc. v. readydomains.comTransfer,

D2000-0859 Ahmanson Land Company v. Vince CurtisDenied, Clark W. Lacker

D2000-0858 Ahmanson Land Company v. Save Open Space and Electronic Imaging SystemsDenied, Clark W. Lacker presiding,

D2000-0851 The Frozfruit Company v. Maui Bound Media GroupTransfer,

D2000-0834 CBS Broadcasting Inc. v. Worldwide Webs, Inc.Transfer,

D2000-0830Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. v. James Cann and Save Family Businesses PanelTransfer,

D2000-0817 Pharmacia & Upjohn Company v. Xanax AdvocatesTransfer,

D2000-0816 Pharmacia & Upjohn Company v. Peoples Revolutionary Suicide Jazz BandTransfer,

D2000-0713 America Online, Inc. v. Dolphin@HeartTransfer,

D2000-0580 Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. v. Kenneth E. CrewsTransfer,

D2000-0568 Bass Hotels & Resorts, Inc. vs. Mike RodgerallTransfer, M. Scott Donahey presiding,

D2000-0548 Microsoft Corporation v. aka Tarek AhmedTransfer,

D2000-0538 Clubrunner, Inc. v. One Stop Computer Shop, Inc.Denied,

D2000-0514 The Cheap Escape Company v. Auto Accents and Amid YousefTransfer, David E. Kelly presiding,

D2000-0503 Uniroyal Engineered Products, Inc. v. Nauga Network ServicesTransfer,

D2000-0477 Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. v. Walsucks and Walmarket Puerto RicoTransfer,

D2000-0454 American Home Products Corporation v. Healthy FuturesTransfer,

D2000-0452 General Electric Company v. Normina Anstalt a/k/a Igor FyodorovTransfer,

D2000-0394 General Electric Company v. FORDDIRECT.COM, INC.Transfer,

D2000-0389 General Electric Company v. Charles KasingaTransfer,

D2000-0387 N.C.P. Marketing Group, Inc. v. Entredomains, Transfer,

D2000-0386 General Electric Company v. John Bakhit, Transfer,

D2000-0344 General Electric Company v. Mark White and AssociatesTransfer,

D2000-0343 General Electric Company v. Online, Inc.Transfer,

D2000-0341 Apple Computer, Inc. v., Inc.Transfer,

D2000-0340 Marcario Casillas v. Maverick Group, Inc.Denied,

D2000-0300 Monty and Pat Roberts, Inc. v. J. BartellTransfer,

D2000-0299 Monty and Pat Roberts, Inc. v. Bill KeithTransfer,

D2000-0274 Aurora Foods Inc. v. David Paul JarosTransfer,

D2000-0156 TRW Inc. v. Autoscan Inc.Transfer,

D2000-0134 Pharmacia & Upjohn Company v. MoreonlineTransfer,

D2000-0127 Busy Body, Inc. v.Fitness Outlet Inc.Transfer,

D2000-0118 National Football League Properties, Inc. and Chargers Football Company v. One Sex Entertainment a/k/a chargergirls.netTransfer,

D2000-0105 Pet Warehouse v. Pets.Com, Inc.Denied, Frederick M. Abbott presiding,

D2000-0073 The Hamlet Group, Inc. v. James Lansford, Transfer,

D2000-0062 Potomac Mills Limited Partnership v. Gambit Capital ManagementTransfer,

D2000-0057 Adobe Systems Incorporated v. Domain OzTransfer,

D2000-0044 Educational Testing Service v. TOEFL, Transfer,