Articles and Studies

GATT and the European Community: A Formula for Peaceful Coexistence

Michigan Journal of International Law, Vol. 12, No. 1, 1990

This article addresses the relationship between the GATT, the European Community and other RTAs as and when trade in services and other 'new areas' are incorporated into the GATT framework.

Protecting First World Assets in the Third World: Intellectual Property Negotiations in the GATT Multilateral Framework


Frederick M. Abbott

22 Vand. J. of Transnat'l L. 689 (1989)

This article addresses industrialized countries' growing concerns over technology transfer and their efforts to obtain protection of intellectual property rights under the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT).

Bargaining Power and Strategy in the Foreign Investment Process: A Current Andean Code Analysis


Frederick M. Abbott

3 Syracuse J. of Int'l L. & Comm. 319 (1975)

In 1970, the countries of the Andean Common Market (the Andean Pact or ANCOM), adopted uniform foreign investment regulations. The Andean Foreign Investment Code, as Decision 24 of the Andean Commission is called, regulates both the treatment of foreign capital entering or within ANCOM, and related agreements on the transfer of technology, patents, licenses, and royalties. The member countries of ANCOM were required by Decision 24 to implement this Code as domestic legislation following its adoption by the Andean Commission.